32 Reasons To Love Jodi Arias + “Dear Jodi” video

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Happy Wednesday peeps! :mrgreen:

Hot on the heels of the recently posted video, here’s one of JM’s posts from last week, titled “32 Reasons To Love Jodi Arias”:

1) Her tenderness. She has a huge heart.

2) Her intelligence. She is so smart and knowledgeable about so many different things.

3) Her voice. I love to listen to her talk because her voice is so soothing.

4) Her laugh. I hate listening to the sex tape, but the only thing I could possibly find positive about it is that I like her laugh.

5) Her smile. She hasn’t had a lot to smile about lately, but I love her smile-with or without showing teeth.

6) She doesn’t take any crap from HLN or others. I love a woman like that.

7) Her eyeglasses. The only thing negative about them I could ever say is that they cover her eyes. Which leads to #8.

8) Her eyes. I love Jodi’s eyes. Maybe I’m crazy, but I can see so much love and pain in those eyes of hers.

9) Her sense of humor. I got to see that on her blogs and even on some of her Twitter tweets.

10) She rose from humble beginnings to become a self-made woman.

11) Her bond with her sister. She’s very family-oriented and while her relationship with her Mom and Dad has been strained, I know that her and her sister love each other very much.

12) She is beautiful as a blonde or brunette. Jodi could shave her head and be beautiful to me.

13) She stood her ground against Don Juan Martinez.

14) Her paintings.

15) Her drawings.

16) Her writings.

17) How she wants to prepare herself for an interview. I know some people find it to be vain or “diva-like”, but I find it endearing for some reason. Personally, I already think she is beautiful anyway with or without makeup.

18) She likes Napoleon Hill and often quotes from his books. Yes, Travis did, too, but Travis obviously didn’t apply a lot of Dr. Hill’s lessons to his life.

19) She coined the phrase “Nancy Disgrace”. How can you not love her for that?

20) Her singing voice. She has a beautiful singing voice and sounds like an angel.

21) Her love of animals. Bonus points with me.

22) Her love of children. I think that Jodi would be a wonderful mother someday.

23) Her positive mental attitude. All women have PMS, but not all women have PMA. Jodi does.

24) She didn’t back down from the jury to the point of even displaying her “Survivor” t-shirt in court. Chutzpah? Yes. But when I saw that I couldn’t help but smile.

25) She didn’t take any crap from the TV reporters before the “hung jury” decision. Even the local news anchor she liked that turned on her, she didn’t back down from him either.

26) Her sincerity. I know that Jodi will do whatever she says she’s going to do for domestic abuse victims. I would just rather her be outside of a jail or prison cell doing that.

27) Her taste in movies.

28) Her taste in music.

29) Her interests as listed on her MySpace account. Any woman who lists “stargazing” as an interest you’ve got to love.

30) Her facial expressions in the trial. I really pay a lot of attention to people’s body language and I remember watching Jodi a lot during the trial when someone else was speaking and trying to figure out what she was thinking. I just really like how she focuses on someone and then another person.

31) Her romanticism. Some people talk about how sexual she is, but they fail to see that what Jodi wants more than anything is to love and to be loved. It’s not just a want, but a need for her. And, she has a very romantic soul.

32) Last but not least, her generosity. She is very charitable with her money and her artwork which she does not have to do. And she never forgets those who treat her with kindness. I want to send her one of my poems that I wrote so that she reads it and it lifts her spirits. I don’t expect a response back from her, but if I do get one, I’ll be very grateful. It’s more important for me that she feels happy knowing that someone out there cares about her and helped make her smile that day.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks again to JM for the post!



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      • Beautiful song Frank…the pictures, the music, the words, all so very beautiful…really can feel it was from the heart…XOXOXO…every one should spread the little “X” and “O” around more and the world would be a much happier place to live in…

  1. My reasons to admire Jodi:

    Jodi is pretty brave, tells the bare unvarnished truth, she takes all the shit on herself and tries to help other people and protect her family and friends.

    Maybe she can get the DP abolished in Arizona, that would be some accomplishment.

    She has more humanity in her broken finger than the whole of the Maricopa County Attorney’s office and HLN put together.

    • “Maybe she can get the DP abolished in Arizona, that would be some accomplishment.”

      That is a pretty damn good point geebee2!

      Wouldn’t THAT be awesome!

  2. Ok I have to say something that has been like a torn in my side for months now.
    Jodi is like a Chameleon as stated from TA’s friends on HLN. DAAAAAAA WHO OF US ISN’T? It’s called adapting to our surroundings. So because I have friends from all walks of life and I can converse with them and feel comfortable in their world, I am a chameleon? God I hope so!!!!!

    • Hello Cindy,
      I think that statement by TAs friends can be looked at another way. They state that Jodi would become anyone that TA wanted her to be. Well that shows the he was controlling.HE told her how to act and she did as he said so he would not get angry with her. This is very common in DV cases.

  3. JM your song is very moving. I think you have a lot of song writing talent. I am sure Jodi will love this. I think you should send her a copy of the lyrics. I think it would cheer her up. I hope Jodi knows that we are here and while the news media features people who are pro prosecution there are thousands of us out here who believe in her and support her 100%.
    Again JM thank you for allowing us to listen to your song.

      • Yeah I am feeling alright. Just starting to get depressed with me not working finances are really tight and that is stressful. So when the issues started here and people were doing the back and forth stuff I had to step away for awhile because I felt many were losing the true reason this site was created.

        • I’m sorry I for one do know how it goes when finances are tight. But never mind I am going to have admin send you my email address and you you want to talk on a more personal level…..

          I agree with you about losing the reason this site was created. I personal do not give a flying f…. about HLN, or what TA’s sibs. did in the past. We need to move on to what is going to happen in days to come. Not what happened…..

          • cindy, I’m with you regarding the constant reports that flood this site about what the “other side” is up to. I am grateful you pointed that out. I have avoided them for a reason and getting reports of their every move is not why I am here. We are TEAM JODI and that is the focus.

        • Jennifer,
          I wish for you the best. I send you some positive energy so that sunshine and prosperity will replace the dark path you are on now. Good things will come to you soon 🙂 (((hugs)))

    • Great job on the song and I wanted to re-post this:

      22) Her love of children. I think that Jodi would be a wonderful mother someday.

      This really resenated with me because during Jodi’s allocution she talked about her niece and never being able to hold her and she’s only been able to have meetings with her through the glass and she went on to note how she will never be able to have children now. That was so sad. IMO that probably also affected the jurors who were brave enough to not vote for the DP. Then her relationship with Daryl B and his son shows this was a caring loving woman not this crazy eyed demon she was portrayed as by the little bully and his cronies.

    • Al,
      I posted this question yesterday
      All of my replies were to ask you!
      Anyone know of an AZ case that is similar to this one where there has been a mistrial/hung jury in the penalty phase and the second penalty phase trial was TAPED/filmed. I’m looking for clues to see how the defense will introduce the nessacary information to get the new jury up to speed on a case. I can’t seem to find one. Surely there at least one out there somewhere.

  4. Just read your post on the other page and I agree with the just of it. I think we have gotten off course with all the attacks on the TA family and trying to dig up dirt on them. If we all stop and think of the person that Jodi is and how see conducts herself we would stop this CRAP. WE ARE HERE FOR JODI!!!!!!!!

    • I responded on to the same post.

      We all have different reasons for being here, different histories and experiences that have brought us to stand on Jodi’s side.

      Everyone has different notions of what is important. Everyone has different frustrations.

      We can’t let our differences divide us. In order to stand together for Jodi, we ALL have to respect each other team member’s unique perspective, even if we may not agree.

      • Thank you and good morning Journee….. I don’t really care if someone calls me out on something I said…debating a issue is how we learn. I think what is troublesome for me,Jen and AL are the attacks on the family. I just ignore most of the bashing….but darn sometimes it sounds like we are saying the very things that we hate that the other side is saying. We are better then that we are TEAM JODI…..I don’t honestly think Jodi would like any of it……

        • Good morning Cindy!

          I know, and I don’t disagree. I just try to think of it all as necessary venting and stand back.

          Ultimately, I’m sure your brother is right, that the only thing that’s REALLY going to matter at this point is the appellate process.

          Your theory and mine that there’s some crooked underpinning to all this may not help Jodi at all. Except maybe it will. Maybe if the questions we ask bounce around in the ether long enough, they’ll draw the attention of someone who can help, and Jodi’s conviction can be overturned when the real culprits are exposed.

          And, we never know, could be there are elements of this that go back to the family in some way. I doubt it, to me there’s too much dysfunction there – BUT that dysfunction makes them vulnerable to manipulation AND I think they’re being manipulated by CASH & CO. So maybe it is not a bad idea to shine a light in that corner, distasteful as it may be.

          • Journee….I think they’re being manipulated by CASH & CO

            I said this same thing months ago. I also agree with Jen. there is much work to do.

            The biggest issue for me is people that go to the other side and bring back the trash talk here. Who cares what the flying fuck they are saying? SORRY!! If people want to know, go there themselves. I think it is just not productive and it just feeds into the mob materiality.

            Just my opinion…perhaps it’s because I have been around for too long and we have had these same conversations over and over again. It didn’t change the verdict. So lets do something productive about over turning it…….

      • I think that a lot of the time has been concentrating on this or that when we need to be working on how to help Jodi and her family. We can each do something to show that we are really here for Jodi and not to gossip and put down people for their views or lack there of.
        We need to take a lesson from , I cant think of its name right now but the book that Jodi lived by.
        FU Juan said something to me the other day that made a lot of sense. There are three sites that I know are pro Jodi. FU Juan suggested that all of us working together would be able to move mountains. I know that there have been issues but I think that those issues with the admins need to be put aside and they need to remember what they created the sites for. Jodi needs each and everyone of us. I know that some have more time on their hands to dedicate to helping then others do however that does not make their input any more valuable then the ones who have less time.

        • I agree Jennifer, the big problem however, with the other two sites is that by their postings they can’t get it through their heads that there is no money being made on this site and that there is no scam for Jodi’s family.

          I just saw the other day where inconvenient truths was trying to get Jodi’s family to contact her to get money to her…implying, yet again, that this site is a scam.

          I was one of Sandra’s BIGGEST supporters in the beginning, and yet, she just can’t let that wrong belief about this site go. She lied to me, I was very concerned for her safety when her video came out…I won’t go any more into that but it did make me sad. SJ has never lied to me. He doesn’t ask where I live and I don’t ask where he lives, LOL.

          I truly wish THEY could let things go and do get on board all the way with Jodi, but I think they are actually more concerned about making names for themselves. It appears to me (since I have no firsthand knowledge, just by what I have seen in written form) that SJ has tried to extend the olive branch but they keep coming back and want him to out himself…yada yada yada…same old BS.

          • Ditto Cindy. I was getting upset with all the new people and that they just hop on the site and want to join in which is great don’t get me wrong but I think they need to go and do the research about the case and they can do that by reading back pages. This way they read what has already been talked about and where things stand. They can also read the Flroes report to get the key players info.
            As for what you said above about bashing the Alexanders. No matter what we think or say about them the verdict stands. I think the best way to proceed is not to go to the pro. prosecution sites. We are all adults on these sites we should act like it and stop the back and forth.

            • I came to casey late and people caught me up. What’s the big deal really? MB is vetting them out as best she can. We will not be controlled by another group Jennifer.

            • Jennifer,
              I think you mean well, but you convey a degree of disrespect towards the new people. None of the new people ‘ hopped’ on; that is a pejorative characterisation. The new people encountered a site on the internet which said “Jodi Arias is innocent” and because they wanted to investigate to find the truth and or support her, they are taking time out of their lives and making the effort to find the truth and support her.
              The new people have good intentions. We are not school children that need to be admonished that we need to do our home-work before we participate. If new people’ s posts bore you, you can skip over them and ignore them.
              I thought this site was about support for
              Jodi; the more people come here the better, and the more they engage with information
              and other posters, the more likely they are to spread the word to other people and those people will spread the word to other people and support for Jodi will increase.
              I didn’t think this support group was meant to be an exclusive club. I am sure you are a wonderful person, but your post conveys a clicquish attitude, a sanctimonious self righteousous ‘us against them ‘(the new posters). It is a school- marmish chiding that is offensive.
              I do not think people should bash the Alexanders, yet remember, their wanting to kill Arias, is to my mind, a greater injustice than verbal bashing.
              I consider it highly necessary to expose the Alexanders if they are doing things which will result in the destruction or death or lack of freedom for Jodi. The so-called other side has an agenda to harm Jodi and to cover up evidence, as per example the context of Travis’ early life, and the drug addiction in his family and their problems with the law which are very relevant in painting a fuller picture for the public of the context that gave rise to an abusive man whom a woman had to
              defend her life against.
              The Alexanders are instrumental in the
              campaign to hide and distort the truth; it is necessary to discuss them. I do not think people should call the Alexanders names, yet
              many people here have endured abuse and oppression, and are trying to work that out of their system and the Alexanders represent abuse and opression.
              As for HLN and such outlets, they most certainly do deserve to be verbally ‘bashed’. They are not private citizens; they are greedy commercial profiteers —- they are wolves in sheep’s clothing; they pretend to be disseminators of news and fact, whereas they are slanderous, biased, fraudulent even. HLN and their ilk do enormous harm to this country and certainly do enormous harm to Arias. HLN must be exposed for what it is.
              The new posters care about Arias’ plight or they wouldn’t take the time and effort to be here. Each new poster, as all posters, are unique people, and bring with them a unique
              style and context with which to work with.
              The new posters do not prevent you from doing what you set out to do, nor do they prevent you from focusing on what you want to focus on.
              Again Jennifer, I mean no disrespect towards you and I’m sure you are a terrific person, but I am not going to apologize for being overly sensitive when I detect someone casting an oppressive, censorious climate. Please forgive me if I offend you; my intentions are well meant—– I am wary of oppression in all its nuances and subtleties.

              • Well said Amy. We were ALL newbies at some point. Some may be wary of newbies (and understandably so) but I hope nothing is said to scare them away. The more the merrier…if the newbies have honest and good intentions they are welcome.
                How can we tell if someone is new anyway? Folks change their names quite often.

              • Wow that is exactly how I feel Amy an I am not a sensitive person
                at all really. Except for when it comes to standing up for myself or
                someone that I truly believe is a good person an others are trying to
                berate them. I am one to speak up if I see wrong doing whether
                I know the person or not.

                I actually feel good when I see any new
                names due to I think wow someone had enough balls to speak up
                finally or maybe someone seen an heard what I did when Jodi
                spoke. An have come around. I trust this site here they weed out
                the fakes an phoneys fairly fast too I must say.

                I hope people can realize too we all come from different back grounds
                different regions of the USA an WORLD we have some different
                opinions but they are basically the same just stated differently

                We are all for JODI an her Family here with LOVE
                an HOPE an FAITH I pray for something to happen every day
                to get Jodi the hell out of that cell an that STATE. We may
                express it in different ways but it is the same at the end of
                the day. TEAM JODI ♥

              • Amy,

                I appreciate those words too. I still consider myself ‘NEW’ compared to most here, even though I have been lurking and occasionally posting since the middle of the trial. And I am sure that there are many like me. Although I will ALWYAS support Jodi in her right to a fair trial, her right to be heard and her right to defend herself, I can not always take the time to post as my life is busy like others. I just finished a very long road of helping my high school daughter graduate on time from high school as she lost her vision in her sophomore and junior years. (And for Al- that was right in the middle of AP World History! I feel your pain brother.)

                I say all this to say, that there are many like me but I also agree with Jennifer that like myself we should atleast take advantage of the immense resources of information available on this site to seek out the answers before wasting valuable time asking questions easily answered by researching.

                We all NEED new people to join us in fighting this fight to get Jodi a fair trial with a verdict that equals the true ‘crime’ and continue to support those on the front lines.

                By the way, the daughter graduated with honors yesterday and will be off to college in the fall!!


                • I am very sorry about what you and your daughter had to go through. That is horrible. Did she regain her vision? I sure hope so.

                • Amy,

                  She was born severely visually impaired but lost the rest of her vision in her Junior year. She really is an amazing accomplished young woman. It was tough but she has risen above the challenge despite the difficulties. She really is remarkable. Thank you for your concern.


              • I just came across this site today, and I must say that Ive been supporting her since the trial started bc i feel that the media has no busness in a court room. how are we to have an inpartial jury and fair trial when were judged in the court of public opinon before the judge takes the stand? I wasent there, I dident know him and i dont know her but I do beleave that the legal system in this country is a corrupt as every other branch of government. I pray for her and Id love to meet her, its unfortunite that our society is soooo jacked….. this is sombodys life in the balance not some reality show for peoples entertainment.

  5. Awesome song, JM/Frank!

    I just had a fantasy: All of Jodi’s supporters marching to Maricopa County Courthouse, wearing our Survivor tee shirts and singing “Dear Jodi.” Thousands and thousands of us…wouldn’t that be something to put on the news? Anyway, off to work…don’t know if I can post from there…if not, have a great day, everyone and GO TEAM JODI!

    • That is a wonderful thought……but it would never make the news, I believe the media to be horribly biased against Jodi……very very sad 🙁

  6. Good evening all! Nice words and echoed sentiments!
    Popped over to cash’s for a bit of reading, he is one very confused man, and people hang on his every word like he is a prophet. He sells, that’s all he does. Even his listed ‘subconscious’ musings involve cash of some description. He is no expert in anything except selling money stories cloaked ‘religious’ parables. It’s utter nonsense and gives more away about him than he would care to know. He is uneducated. He even talks about the brainwashing of society can do to you lol and offers 7 ways to recover 2 amongst them being ‘dissociating’ and covering thoughts with faith, to earn money of course.

      • Someone needs to, Cindy.

        I don’t have the stomach for it, but someone who does needs to keep a critical eye on CASH & CO. CH talks too much not to trip himself up.

        • Sorry Fred didn’t mean to call you out. I personally have issues with the descriptive verbiage used about TA’s siblings and their past. As far as cash goes …… he IS one to keep a eye on.

          • Ok, but nobody was on that site except me, it just an old blog.
            I guess we all have different ways of viewing things, I am naturally interested in how people become who they are. So I am attracted to things that affect children profoundly. Nobody else has to be.

            • Hon please don’t take it’s all good and you have every right to go to any site you choose to. I really wanted to know why people subject themselves to such BS…LOL Nothing personal about it….

              • No worries, I was very interested in how he behaved when he was behaving ‘normally.
                It’s very salesmanish and money oriented, – those are his prime motivators..,
                Where did all the posts from yesterday go?

            • No I didn’t watch the trial, but I read about it. I have seen the snippets I needed to see. I could not watch that awful man. Having managed a children’s court for my state and working with Crown Law for years, and being a professional witness, I was appalled by the man. As for the other defence witness I can only imagine their horror too.
              It’s massively invasive and threatening behaviour from a prosecutor, and quite unnecessary if ‘the evidence speaks for itself’. Outright bulling and intimidation, and I hope Ms LaV’s training tells her exactly what sort of man he is, and she doesn’t suffer after effects. He is a public servant, and rules and ethics and morals are on public display to a world wide audience. I would be feeling a bit more than sheepish at the moment.
              This looks nothing like what I would consider to be ‘public duty’.
              He would embarrass himself if he practised in my country – they would laugh at him.

        • I think people have a desire to look at all the other sides and ‘characters’ in this whole phenomemon having to do with Arias. Exploration into all the diverse ‘players’ is so deeply instructive and revelatory about
          nature,societal,psychological, sociological,
          conscious and unconscious dynamics etc.
          Exploration like this does not take away from the support for or focus on Arias; such exploration and investigatory or curiousity -prompted forays are incredibly illuminating about a multitude of subjects about life and human beings in general. We all know that obtaining Arias’ freedom is the true goal.
          I believe that in years to come this trial will be the subject of many scholarly works pertinent to a wide variety of fields of knowledge and study.
          I agree about the disheartening, injurious effects on one’s spirit when one ventures into arenas that spew hate and invective. It really causes sadness and a feeling of hopelessness and overwhelm.
          I think it is necessary to explore the dark side in order to have a full picture. The negative and positive are complementary; they are part and parcel of one whole.
          Also, the dark side is terrifying in what it is showing and indicating about people’s attitudes, level of consciousness, insight and development——– and we need to be aware of this because all of our civil liberties and quality of life is endangered and influenced by that kind of malice and ignorance.

          • From my point of view we have been witness to meta-modernism in action. It’s a very new paradigm, but this trial is an excellent and informative example to me of how it all works, it’s worthy of a paper.

      • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Having said that, I won’t waste my time on those exploiting money grabbing assholes.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to Jodi!! Bravo, JM! You really do have a way with words and a knack for poetry/songs.

    Good morning, all!

  8. Thank you JM…that was so very touching and I’m certain that it will give Jodi and her family much hope. It touched my heart.

    By the way, good morning everyone!!!

  9. A beautiful tribute, do you think there is any way for Jodi to read it? Does she get regular reports about this site? I hope all of the well wishes get to her somehow. My hear aches knowing she is locked up in solitary like a little bird in a cage.

  10. Good Morning Everyone,
    I was up late last night and had the opportunity to be #19 to view Frank’s Youtube video.
    I told him then how wonderful and talented he was. I don’t want him to get the big head and say all that mushy stuff again. 🙂
    I hope it goes viral.

  11. Hey everyone, good morning.

    I have been doing alot research on the innocents project, the “broken justice system” and the private prison system in the US.

    I am not ready to rant about my finding, but it makes me sick, sad and disappointed.

    I needed a break and i have not chgecked in here for a couple days, so “HELLO!!”.

    Hope everyone has a good day. Thanks for the song JM. Great song for today’s “song of the day” Al.

    • hmmmmmmmmmm…………………….Is this really you? You don’t talk like this, nor do you capitalize Lips.

    • Sirlips,

      When you said, “I have been doing alot research on the innocents project, the “broken justice system” and the private prison system in the US.” I have to tell you I’m right there with you. I have been reading about the Innocence Project along with False Confessions, Prosecutorial Misconduct and more even before this trial. I must say this I honestly thought it was not as rampant but I now understand. Interesting that the website for PM dot org lists more attorneys from AZ more than any other state. It is truly disheartening, which is why I hope we can make a difference.

    • Sirlips,
      Please tell us if it is really you.
      This is the secret password question. 🙂
      What is our dog’s name?

  12. Cindy I haven’t got your email address yet. I will email you when I get it. I have mentioned something task force that may be useful.

  13. Hi everyone, I wanted to check in and say I’m still reading here several times a day. The song is great, Frank, and the reasons to love Jodi are true. I’m sure there are thousands of people in this world who love Jodi for who she is, and because she’s innocent. Richard Speight really impressed me with his essay. Let’s hope her attorney lawyers do a lot of research on these sites!

    • I agree HERO….

      Let me tell you – the ONLY people who can censor MY ASS ON THIS BLOG are SJ and his WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC TEAM OF ADMINS…………………….

      Until that occurs………..I will say what I want to say and to whom I want to say it. I don’t think anyone on this blog has EVER said anything unsavory toward our own. Anything about public figures and those who are craving and lapping the fucking puddle of fame are FAIR GAME………………………………….

      • I might add Janeen that the public figures you mention, including the family, have worked very hard to get the guilty verdict, and they have to be exposed in order for Ms. Arias to have any kind of chance at justice.

      • Dorothy; I woke to read a ton of posts about how we are losing focus of what this page is for. I woke to be told repeatedly that I should not talk about TA’s fucked up loser family. The family who is actively attempting to put an innocent woman to death.

        A family who has a sibling who has a GIANT rap sheet of criminal activities who encouraged people to sign a petition to ruin an expert witnesses life and career.

        A family who sat in the court room and faked sobbing to get the jury to do what they want. If I am being told what to say, and what not to say, I will stop posting on this blog.

        And anyone who tells me that I have lost focus on what this is about can kiss my ass.

        • People made such a stink about our VENT pages. What’s the password…..What’s the password?! Well now that venting has to be done on the Main Page. So this is what they get. Sorry to anyone who is offended but just as they are allowed to speak their minds so am I.

            • Exactly, Jaz♥

              and as far as having any consequences for saying ANYTHING about the pathetic sister; I have screen shots of those dumb ass haters saying they steal our email and post as us.


              Guess they didn’t consider that. Not that blog posting is any way libel. It is not.

              It is also not libel to post about a person’s drug habit when that person has a rap sheet longer than my arm.

              • Consequences?! Even if there was something they could do about what we say, I don’t think they could put aside their hate for long enough to actually motivate themselves to act.

                They need to look at the shit the say and post before they judge us!

              • Renee-
                Say what ever you want. This site continues to be a place where people who support Jodi can and should speak their minds. Yesterday’s thoughts are not everyone’s thoughts.

          • Exactly Jaz!

            We tried to keep it away from the sensitive people…but they just kept creeping in anyway.

            Hey, Renee’, true, for all we know they might be the ones trashtalking…lololol.

            I suppose they wouldn’t like to have their computers picked apart for evidence now?

            Hopefully Janeen’s stalker realized how serious it can get with his job and will just stay away.

        • KISS…..ONLY KIDDING RENEE. I was wrong in what I said and I do believe in freedom of speech. I also would never ever imply to you or anyone for that matter what to or what not to say. So I’m sending out a group apologize for over stepping

        • Hi Renee,
          I understand the venting. I agree with you about TA’s family and their phoniness. What bothers me sometimes is the “I’m watching HLN” reports. I guess it baffles me why some people feel drawn to keep watching that. Sometimes though, a report. here and there, of what they are up to does lead to important/beneficial info…but hearing every putrid detail of what NG (if I NEVER see her face again, I will be blessed) is doing, play by play…just…well I don’t bother reading those comments, generally. I DO hope if any of those “reporters/commentators” gets reprimanded or exposed, that someone DOES report it. I would LOVE to see that station PAY for their evils.
          I think that is the only issue that upsets me. BUT, I would not say to those who feel compelled to “keep their enemies closer” to stop being themselves. If it helps them, it’s all good.
          I hope no one feels they need to censor ANYTHING.

          • I haven’t watched HLN since the Casey trial. In fact, we dropped cable all together. Nasty Graceless is a giant enormous POS.

            As for the hater sites, I try to stay away. I do go take screen shots here and there, and have a file with about 200 screen shots of threats and posts about impersonating us.

            • “I do go take screen shots here and there, and have a file with about 200 screen shots of threats and posts about impersonating us.”

              good work

              hopefully those won’t ever be needed. It just depends on if the haters can grow a few more brain cells and realize that they are not god and shouldn’t be trying to pretend to be god OR the Karma police, as they have no true concept of what either is.

            • Oh cindy, please don’t feel that way. 😥 You drew attention to the things that I have not had the courage to point out. We need you.

              • Dorothy I’m not feeling anyway…just know when to shut my mouth…lol I’m not going to debate bs. I love everyone here and everyone has a right to express their opinions.

              • know me better then to even ask me that question. What I was trying to express was all the fucking crap that sounds like the haters shit. But that is my own opinion. I do not run this site so I should have kept my mouth shut. I also am not looking for any one to think I have hurt feelings, I don’t. It takes a hell of allot more then this to hurt me.

                I also would never tell someone else what to think or say even if it sounded like that.

        • I really have to agree with you. It’s also disconcerting to see a ‘protected’ area. I agree with it if it is used for strategy and stealth, but not for venting, it splits us.
          One of the things I do know about groups, especially open ones, is that rules and the behaviours attached to them – implicit or stated are often imposed on newer members. It’s a ‘storming’ phase and it likely to stay that way when new people come aboard. It’s very common in groups.
          It can easily turn into issues about ‘seniority’ it’s normal.
          Feminist theory would argue a flat structure with minimal hierarchy, everyone new old or in between is as equal as the next. The more the merrier and that is also a goal for Jodi – strength in numbers.
          So be patient with people, new eyes are fresh eyes, and you just never know.
          A private ‘venting’ area sets up a dynamic of them/us.

    • Renee –

      Just a few people venting about THEIR frustrations.

      There’s gotta be room for everyone to get grumpy now and then. This is a frustrating situation. We all feel a bit helpless, I think.

      It comes out in different ways.

    • IMO,noone here has lost focus of what we are here for.Especially those of us who have been here non stop for the past 6 months.We’ve been over everything,the case,the people involved,ways to support Jodi and raise public awareness,ways to help her defense and appeal.Every single thing.This trial is literally something that is happening TO us,it is about one of OUR OWN,a family member.So it’s only natural that all sorts of feelings have and most certainly will raise up,be it hate or love.When I say hate I mean,seeing Jodi and everyone involved in her defense getting trashed and attacked it’s an instinctive reaction to jump in and try to defend them sometimes by being harsh on the ‘other side’. Be careful though:we NEVER bite unless we get bitten!Noone would be interested in calling TA’s family or supporters out had there been respect of different opinions or had his family’s actions not tried to impede Justice.
      We are passionate;that’s true.But true passion is needed when it’s quality over quantity.Otherwise,our voices won’t get heard.

      • Maria, hi. It is true that we should express our feelings about everything. I am also sure that it must be very frustrating for all of you guys that have been here from the getgo to have to read things that have been overanalized in the past from newcomers. Bare with us because I for one (being quite new here) am just at the start of my venting towards all the injustice that has been happening to Jodi.
        It is a privilege for me to be among you guys that have so much more knowledge about this case than I do and are so kind and willing to help me out with whatever I am not familiar with.

      • Yes Maria!…I have not once witnessed any hate here that even comes CLOSE to the hatred that inundates the opposition’s sites. I was attacked on youtube for comments I made on videos related to Jodi. I had never been attacked like that before and I have been a member of youtube since it’s birth. I was baffled by the phenomenon. At first I felt compelled to defend myself, but I realized very quickly that it was futile. I still can not quite come to grips with the flood of evil that had been brought forth as result of this trial. I had never been exposed to such a thing and, honestly, I had no clue as to how much power evil has on this earth. It was a wake-up call for me and not a pleasant one. I am STILL puzzled by it.

      • I really understand were you are coming from. I have been here and on a couple of other sites for 6 months too. I am not ignorant of facts, and have actually worked hard with a few other people defending JA from insane neo-con psychologists. I have the ability to do that and to look beyond at much larger pictures. I have never watched HLN or Nancy Grace. But I wouldn’t say I was ill informed and it should not be assumed that I am, or that I haven’t been intelligently active in many areas in relation to the feminist issues in this case. My interests are deep and wide, and I like them that way, but will be ok with moving on, because I came here for a rest from vigorous discourse, – I wasn’t doing creepy things and name calling, I was debating hotly from a psychological position as they were. I found it deeply illuminating from many perspectives, and agree that you need to know thine enemy and how they operate, because then I can anticipate their next move if I know how they think.
        If this site descends into bickering about ‘status’ of all things, then it is not for me. I can continue anywhere, but the numbers in one place on the same page is a better strategy if it can be managed.

  14. Fred,
    I’m a childhood case you can work on. 🙂
    Sometime I refer to my husband’s family as the Waltons. Only because of the size and sibling thing. His parents were very strick and wasn’t the affection type. They were not the lovey dovey type. I think he can only remember once his father telling him he loved him. His mother became more affectionate in her later life…and would hug him good bye and tell him she loved him when we visited. So when me and my husband married and had our daughter…he went to the opposite extreme with the huggs and kisses. He told her how much he loved her from day one…still does. He’s affectionate with me in the same way. I often say he needs outward showing of affection and attention. My daughter is much like him and is very lovey dovey and free with her outward loving emotions.
    Without going into all of my background.. by the age of 12, I was an orphan. My biological parents were strick & didn’t show much affection toward me. Did I feel loved? not really. But I didn’t crave it. Did I feel crushed when they died? yes, very much so. I was soon adopted. My new parents,strangers to me, were very strick but medium lovey dovey. I growed to love my new parents very much. It didn’t come natural to me, we fought most of my teenage years. My husband and daughter have accuse me, in a nice way, of not “needing” affection. They say, I like it but I don’t need it. They say, they need it. lol My come back is…I learned early…life is not fair and I learned cope without affection. What does my daughter do…marrys a guy much like me, not so lovey-dovey. lol

    Do you think Jodi, was the needy, lovey-dovey type?

    Alyce L. nailed me, Oh…the childhood baggage we bring into a relationship is staggering!

    • Ann,
      I only have one (well maybe two or three or four…but they fall under the same general principle 😉 ) word(s) of advise (which you may opt to disregard).

      Welcome those hugs and the affection. Let your guard down no matter how difficult it is. I understand that it may go against your grain and cause you to cringe some (or maybe BIG time)…but the more you allow it the easier is becomes.

      Start, no matter how much you have to force yourself, to initiate the hugs…start small, work your way up to BEAR hugs.

      Help your daughter to teach her husband to do the same. There may be hidden reasons why he is not affectionate. Helping him to come to terms with why he is the way he is will, in turn, help your daughter (and your grandchildren (?) ) in the long run. Tell your daughter to NEVER give up hope that her husband has that “lovey-dovey”ness in him…we ALL have it 🙂

      I, luckily, have someone in my life who refuses to let me push him away. He has torn down the walls I built to “protect” myself…those walls were also preventing ME from sharing the much-needed love I have to offer others. It is actually a liberating feeling when those walls come down; like a rebirth, so to speak.
      Soon the “cringe” fades completely…believe me 😀

      • (((((Dorothy,)))))
        I will take your warm hearted advise and work on it. You’ll never know how right on you are about me. I can only BEAR hug those closes to me. I think I could bear hug some of you guys, I like those walls…they seem protect me..but I know they prevent me from sharing so much. I almost deleted my post before hitting the button…I had close my eyes and hit the button. 🙂 I’m not much into sharing my personal life.

        • Ann,
          I am SO glad you did not delete your post. Sharing personal things is actually acknowledging them. I’d say that is a HUGE and difficult step for you…but it is one you should feel proud of. I wonder if Alyce LaViolette’s testimony knocked down some of your wall…and let some light shine into your comfy darkness. You will realize that the darkness is really not so comfy when you finally are able to escape it. For me, it took a long time and I had to be brave but I am happy to let you know it is worth every ounce of energy I invested. SO, I offer you a gentle touch on your shoulder, rather than a bear hug…baby steps….if you were strong enough to build those walls, you are certainly strong enough to knock ’em down. 🙂

        • Hi Ann, Im glad you didn’t delete the comment either, Dorothy thank you for giving the advise to Ann. I will try to apply it into my life too. That is the biggest issue I have and iv know that that is something Iv had to work on as well. And your right, it DOES come from childhood. My parents were NOT the lovey dovey kind either, so now it is hard for me to be that way with my husband (not my kids) but im working on it! And because of your post Ill keep trying. THANKS!!!!! ♥

    • Oh yes the childhood baggage!
      It’s a learned behaviour, being strict and caring is different to being strict and unfeeling.
      There could be many reasons, but having loads of siblings will make a huge difference in the touchy feely department, because they probably were with each other.
      I guess for you, a level of intimacy might be scary, because it’s not a natural comfort zone and has fear of loss attached, and two lots of ‘parenting’ rules you have taken on board.
      The ‘not really feeling loved’ is the key. Demonstrable affection has never been taught to you, so it is a little meaningless, if you don’t know what it is for.
      I can tell you it’s a very good and nourishing behaviour for all of us. We need touch to communicate love and affection and intimacy (not sex) just a closeness, and comforting place to feel safe with it.
      If you are ok not wanting it, then it’s ok, but if you avoid it or it causes you problems of discomfort, them it may need some help.

  15. Morning everybody!!!!! Sorry I had to leave early yesterday (had a family emergency) but I’m back and raring to go!!! I read the posts that I’d missed from yesterday and all I can say is Great Posts!!!!! When we tour hln could we make sure that the cameras are rolling when I blow my bowels all over the place? As for the song…it is absolutely beautiful and very moving; however I feel that there should be 33 reasons why we all love JODI—-that reason is because she has proven herself to be a true EARTH ANGEL! And if my little nieces and cousins (—–who refer to me as Uncle Duke ….due to a tradition in our family that children of a certain age do not call their elders by their name only)were to grow into young ladies like JODI it would make me one proud uncle!!!!!

    • Dukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      And, yes I am Janeen…..NOT the stupid ass troll ……

      LOL LOL ^5 Duke!!!

    • HI DUKE!!!!!! JANEEN!!!!!! Im glad to see you both here this morning!!!!!

      Duke, I hope everything is ok with the family emergency.

      • Thanks LC, Unfortunately all isn’t well—–just found out that a cousin, whose husband is already pretty ill himself, has cancer—and the doctors have given her only a month to live. However I am going to continue to try and post here as regularly as I can. And, as always, continue my support of our JODI!!!! 🙂

          • Don’t worry Dorothy, In my family we have a saying and a belief that when one has did his work upon this earth—-and did it well—– a new being comes to take up his/her work to do good upon this world. So in this way, although it saddens us, we are able to bear the loss of a loved one easier. And in this I believe because her son and his wife are expecting a son in Novembre of this year!!!!! So Dorothy don’t be sad as we can still rejoice in the birth of the little one and the justice and freedom that will someday soon be JODI’s!!!!!!! 🙂

  16. JM/Frank Queen,
    What an absolutely lovely tribute to Jodi! Thank you. Your dedication, talent and hard work shine through. I certainly hope Jodi will be able to hear and see this.
    (((BIG HUGS)))

  17. When I get my time machine working I’m going to go to Travis house on 6/4 and tell him to pick on someone his own size. I may have to smack him around a bit but I’ll get Jodi out of there and she can live happily ever after. Only downsize is that will lead Travis to abuse more women and maybe children. Can’t have everything.

  18. J♥ I am sitting here laughing my ass off…. get a new toy, and a girl goes crazy :p

    Loving those screen shots you are sending me!! 😉

  19. Hey guys,
    I just went back to listen to JM’s song on youtube and saw that the haters are starting to post ugly things. I think we should all go and post our support for this song. It is a pitty for the haters to make a mock of sth so nice and of JM that has such a kind heart.

  20. Happy Wednesday people!!!

    JM (LOL,every time I type that I think I’m writing Juan Martinez) such a touching song.So proud of you for being a true,loyal supporter.Jodi needs us all.

    Tomorrow is my last day at work 🙁 so (despite the financial difficulties that will arise) the day after will be the beginning of my 24/7 devotion to the Cause!

    (((((((((Team Jodi)))))))))))

  21. What a beautiful post! Other ones you may have missed.

    33. Jodi sees the good in everyone.
    34. Jodi is very generous with her love and is not afraid to love.

    I’m sure we can all add more to the list. There are just so many wonderful things about Jodi.

  22. What a Beautiful Post! Others ones you may have missed

    33) Jodi sees the good in everyone
    34) Jodi is not afraid to love. She loves with all her heart.

    I’m sure we all could add more. Jodi is just so wonderful.

  23. 32 reasons to love Jodi Arias.
    SJ, may I add a no. 33?
    Her humbleness. She does not have a shred of arrogance nor does she ever brag about her accomplishments. For me, this an admirable quality in a person and Jodi – time and time again – has proven to have this quality.

  24. Guys, gotta go for a couple of hours (Maria R, I am sure you will figure out to where, you know my passion). See you guys later.

      • Oh Maria! Yesterday I slept with the largest smile ever!!!
        Hey guys, this is not an inside thing: I am a big fan of a greek team (Panathinaikos) and yesterday we won the greek league 2013 in basketball against our bigest enemies ever (Olympiakos). Whenever my team is playing my house gets filled with friends and we watch the game, have beers and shout at the tv and referee a lot! LOL! That is the passion I mentioned to Maria earlier.

    • It is damned frightening that this pathetic POS was possibly going to put some one to death. She talks like a tenth grade “mean girl” and is SO out of line.

      This was a capital murder case, not a reality TV show. She sickens me.

      How could she know juror 5 was pro-pros? They were NOT to discuss this case with one another….so how the hell does she know who was pro-pros? This was a trial, you are supposed to go in neutral, not picking a “side.”

      • Exactly and to me it’s clear they discussed the case at least enough for her to assume # 5 was pro prosecution! If this juror was on social media and watching HLN ( how else would she know who Katie W was or want to have a picture with her) then how many others did.

        On what grounds can defense request an investigation in tainted jurors?

      • It just goes to show how dumb the fucking jurors are and how biased they are. They could have cared less about judge Stinky Shitstains “admonitions” —-hell they probably didn’t even Know the meaning of the word. However, IMO , I think the more the idiots talk the more they dig themselves deeper into the shit they’ve created by coming back with an absolutely moronic verdict of M1—-and I feel that somewhere along the line someone( a higher court perhaps) is going to step-up and totally rectify the wrong that has been heaped upon JODI

        • I agree, Duke, I hope it bites them in the neck. Here’s hoping..

          Its a horrible sense of powerlessness, isn’t it, I hope things are happening somewhere.

          • I know Heather—sometimes I feel as if I want to roll up in a ball somewhere and hide. But then I think NO! that’s what the low-life, motherfucking, Turd Alliance would want and IN NO WAY WILL I EVER GIVE THAT!!!!!!!! I WANT QUIT UNTIL JODI IS FREE!!!!! CAUSE I HOPE SOMEWHERE THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO IS READING THIS SITE WITH THE BALLS AND THE POWER TO STEP FORTH AND DO THE RIGHT THING—– I.E., TELL Jumping-bean Meantinynuts and the rest of those motherfuckers THAT WHAT THEY DID TO JODI WAS ABSOLUTELY HEINOUS!!!!!!!! AND THAT THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THEM LOW-LIFE, SLIMY, SHIT_WADS RUE THE DAY THAT THEY RAILROADED AN INNOCENT YOUNG LADY NAMED JODI ANN ARIAS!!!!!

      • The stupid motherfuckers probably thought that they were competing with that piece of shit “hit” show —-yeah right—- hln after dumb-asses!!!

    • I don’t think it’s off topic at all. This really effects Jodi’s case. I’m trying to stop cursing but the only word I think of when I think of this trial is clusterfuck. So I use the word circus, but I’m thinking clusterfuck. I guess people have to make a big huge deal about it for something to get done. This can’t be swept under the rug.

      I just don’t know legally what to do w the info.

      • Between this and Tanisha’s whiteness tampering and intimidation of AlLV I’m at a loss for words. I mean the judge went as far as to ban her from the chambers meetings? Why was that? Can’t be because of something good she did.

      • Danielle,I’m right where you are.At this point,I read all this info and keep wondering what we can do with it.Having no legal knowledge whatsoever,I’m of no use but I pray people here or anywhere are gathering up all this evidence for further proceedings.

      • Well the thing is Danielle, that there are LAWYERS and JUDGES that have seen the trail and KNOW, they have seen what we see and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has done anything about it! WHY????????????? WHY????? The people with the power to do anything about it…… Why are they not doing anything about it?????? Or are they waiting for the appeal?

        • I don’t understand it at all. It’s not like HLN is secret. They have to know this. The jury makes me mad. It’s not like AZ can sweep this under the run the whole world has seen this. What are they doing?? It’s like they know they messed up but they’re hiding their heads in the sand. This scares me! Today right now on the east coast that is, on Katie talk show it’s about innocent people who were in jail for a long time and then were found innocent!! I can’t even watch it. It scares me. This is not what the legal system was designed for.

          • I think, Danielle, that it isn’t ‘messed up’ to them. It’s business as usual in AZ.

            They’ve just never done their dirty business in a fishbowl before.

            If I wasn’t so vested in justice for Jodi, I’d just be shaking my head thinking it was just more crazy crap out of Arizona. (seriously, if you’re not familiar already with AZ’s governor, look up Jan Brewer on you tube and watch a soundbite or two).

            But because I AM vested in Jodi, I am anxious for her appeals to get kicked up and out of that bed of crooks and into courts with clearer heads.

    • I don’t know, they’ll just come back with some bullshit excuse that she wasn’t picked as a juror so it doesn’t make a difference. I think its BS, how do we KNOW that the other jurors didn’t take this seriously if THIS #17 juror DIDNT?!!!!!

      I bet if it was the other way around something would’ve been done about it already!!!! It would’ve been everywhere, “JUROR MISCONDUCT IN THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL” its BULLSHIT!!!!

  25. Renee I have always admired your point blank right to the point statements. You know I wasn’t even talking about I love ya….and how passionate you are…..

            • Oh yuck….hangover’s are awful! My cure (or prevention, rather) was to keep a glass of OJ and a bag of sour cream and onion ripple potato chips next to my bed after a night of drinking. I would munch and sip throughout the night and the next day…VOILA! no hangover…. my sympathies, get well soon 😉

      • hummmmmmmmm never had brandy before. I had to go back to wine during the the trial…I drank almost a 5th of spices rum one day after listening to JM. He wasn’t worth my liver….

      • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Janeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 😀

        Really fancy one!

        • Never had that, don’t even know what it is! But when I was in the US they had so many different drinks, I think I tried them all 😀 I remember a drink called a manhattan… yea I went a bit green-its powerful stuff!!!

  26. I didn’t listen to the song yet, but I like the reasons to love Jodi. I think this was said but there’s just something about her that she’s so easy to relate to. I don’t know how the jury didn’t relate to her. I think it’s bc JM was so mean to her she was forced to stick up for herself on the stand and maybe they didn’t think that’s how an abused woman should be. Maybe they thought she was supposed to cry and be afraid. Don’t they think she learned something since 2008? She’s not the same person. Uggg, I know I’m covering old ground. I think they were intimidated by her intelligence too. I like when she smiles, bc when she does it’s a real smile and it’s in her eyes too. It’s funny bc Mom and I would watch her in court and be like do you think she’s okay today, do you think she’s having a good day. I think for most Jodi supporters she feels like a friend or family now. Sometimes I have to take a step back bc I feel so sad for her. Like when I’m doing something fun, I know Jodi is stuck in jail. Or when I’m playing w my cat, Jodi can’t play w her cat that she loves. I have to step back and be like okay you can support and help but don’t get down.

    • I’ve never read the secret and I don’t know anything about that book or movie. I do believe in putting positive thoughts out into the world. I guess you can think of it as positive vibes or energy or prayers. So when I do feel sad for Jodi I say a prayer.

    • You nailed it there Danielle, Jodi IS very easy to relate to, I know if I met her we’d probably never stop talking, and that is what I found and find so difficult to fathom, why some people can’t, so much so the hate her? It just doesn’t compute, not at all.

      And yes, they do feel intimidated by her intelligence and the way she handles herself, speaks so well, her beauty, loveliness, her hair and I think that’s why they hate her, its insane.

  27. Even when I try to be calm and not focus on any of these sub-humans,there comes CASH on Twitter proudly posting his pic of going shooting and successfully hitting the target though it’s his first time.YEAH RIGHT,HUGHES!

    ” Chris Hughes ‏@cshughes 14h
    Takin’ care of business at 21 feet. Not bad 4 my 1st time at a range. Keepin’ it real folks. Keepin’ it real ”

    What does he mean by ‘taking care of business”?Is it an english expression I dont know,meaning hitting the target
    21 feet,first time and yet NOT A SINGLE missed shot.Wow,talk about being a good shot 😉

    • Yeah,I can get the bigger picture here.Dave Hall has a passion for guns,TA used to shoot them,CASH goes shooting and is not ashamed or hesitant to post and brag about it.Yeah,yeah no reason in the world Travis would own a gun!! It was unheard of in his circle of friends! Kiss my a@@!

          • Yeah………… me too. I haven’t replied to Sky’s LONG ASSED FB message to me yet. I am bored with both of them.

            • She’s FBs you???? Oh my GOSH how do you handle that?????? I can’t handle the stress and negativity. You’re a hard ass and I mean that in a good way :).

              • I messaged Cash one day “Where were you and your wife on June 4, 2008?” and he replied he would have to ask his wife, and that he hoped they were in Mexico. He then got back to me with the answer. Then I started asking questions, to which he kept answering. The last one, Sky sent me the answers to my MANY questions.

                • OMG! Renee’ You should copy and paste it here…I’d be interested in what kind of alibi they have… Maybe CH is “practicing” because he failed to hit the target effectively when he fired his gun at TA… it made an awful mess.

                • They were answering questions? I know you kept all of that saved :)!!! That is so weird. Why would they answer your questions? They don’t even know who you are! If you were involved in something like this wouldn’t you keep your mouth shut? They must really need all the attention as possible. They are strange.

                • Dorothy; They have given me a gold mine, and I don’t know what to do with it. I did email Jennifer Willmott one convo where they discussed going into Travis’ email before Flores changed the PW on them.

                  WHY they kept answering, I have NO clue. They don’t know me. If I were them, I would have ignored me or told me to fuck off. They couldn’t’ stop yakking.

      • Oh come on Maria you know Travis was a saint and would never own a gun nor have sex until Jodi came along…….

        Now whats up with this butt sex all the time? Oh I forgot Jodi…..Gee what was I thinking every red blooded woman enjoys butt sex.

        I’m going to contradict myself here…..don’t go bitch slapping me please……Cash and DH need to be watched. I’m still wondering how cash got a hold of TA journals…..gee could it have been on 6/4/2008?

        • He also told me about going into his emails after he died, and before Florres changed the passwords. He said that Florres said they were not looking at Jodi, so they went in to his emails to see if they could find something damning from Jodi.

          • Interesting cover up. He wasn’t looking at Jodi my ass. F…head. You know if Jodi had hurt her finger on 6/4 don’t ya think it would still be swollen when they yanked her in for questing?

            Renee when did he go into his account when they were all vacationing while their friend was laying on a slab or was it on 6/4 or when TA’s body was rotting in the shower.

            So lets see now we have him braking into TA’s computer and erasing evidences. I wounder what computer he brook into…..

            • This is how he answered this particular question:


              Chris Hughes


              Why did we go through Travis’ email? Why didn’t we let police go through them first?

              Sky got a call from Detective Flores one day, and he told her they weren’t looking at Jodi, but focusing on someone else (This wasn’t true, but we didn’t know that at the time, a couple of Travis’ friends were telling Jodi any news they heard through the grapevine. So Flores wanted to shut us all up.) Sky hung up the phone panicking and told me what he said. We KNEW Jodi killed him and were freaking out. So we said we gotta find something that shows she did it. We decided to start with emails (we never had access to voicemails). We read everything from the past couple years between he and Jodi, and some other emails. And a bunch of google chats. We read the fight on May 26th. Which was alarming. Then we read emails Jodi sent Travis after she killed him, and it was obvious from the lies in the emails she was trying to cover her tracks. There was something very off about them. Sky called Flores and told him about the emails and the chats- especially the fight and the “covers.” Sky told Flores that the emails were written for the police- not Travis! Flores immediately changed the passwords. We later found out that they never “weren’t looking at her.” I think they knew fairly quickly that Jodi did it.

                • Cindy,dont forget they were all eager to also say that Jodi called them while detectives were STILL at the crime scene.But,wait a minute:how was she supposed to know a body jhad actually been found unless someone called her or she happened to call someone on that very moment?It’s on Florez repor.First paragraph.

              • How did the hughes’ get Travis’ email passwords to begin with?

                They had probably already been into his email and cleaned out anything that could have pointed fingers at anyone else…

                That crime scene had already been gone over before Flores ever got there…

                Anything that could possibly be related to porn and any addiction problems Travis had was removed during the 5 days it took to have Mimi wonder where he was.

                • YUP> that is why I sent it to the defense. It is seriously fucked up.

                  They would have gotten rid of ANYTHING that may have helped Jodi in this case. Any and all evidence that he was what he was had to have been removed.

                • NOTHING coming out of his mouth makes sense!!
                  1.How on Earth would he have TA’s passwords?Wasnt Jodi(who hello?also happened to be his girlfriend)CRUCIFIED for knowing the password and for checking his mails??Umm,double standards!

                  2.They read everything going back to 2 effing years??Wow,these 2 sound as if they could teah a lesson to Melendez who being an expert said the amount of text messages was overwhelming.I guess the mails werent as many(sarcasm,sarcasm all over the place)

                  3.They were able to tell Jodi was covering her tracks after June 4th based on typed words?Oh boy,these 2 are wasting their time with that shitty PPL scam.They should be Detectives,working under cover and fight crime.(puking in my mouth)

                  Are they for real???

                • Maria, that is just a very, very small part of what they have told me. But this alone should be a crime.

                • So basically, they interfered with a police investigation because Flores wasn’t being forthright with them and they thought that he should inform them of everything. Because they’re just that important.

                  I’ll just bet Sky was panicking….

                • The didn’t need the passwords, they had TA’s computer and the computer already knew the passwords.

                  Google chats, which they said they also looked at, I do not THINK, would have been stored on the Google server. I THINK those could only have been found on TA’s hard drive.

              • Why did they . . . “So we said we gotta find something that shows she did it. ” From that sentence on . . substantiates their scapegoat. Too much time has passed, things buried and unrecoverable for the defense to dig it up . . but not impossible to get enough things to prove and disprove leaving . . reasonable doubt. The next jury needs to be leery about their neighborhood, it’s scarier than Jodi.

                • cb Its funny how vocabulary changes from country to country, here we say wary, leery is, well if a man is leering at you he looks pretty weird!!!! 😀 😀 😀

                • lol yes Heather1 . . leery and wary are synonymous .. but I believe with using leery it’s more like beware, along with lurking, and wary is tiring as in wears out to keep track of. I was on a cruise and people from Trinidad picked up on my being a midwesterner. The funniest encounter on mid west lingo was by New Yorkers . . go figure . . them making fun of my

                • I stayed in the Mi West, in Indiana, travelled around quite a bit, NY, NO, Philly, vegas, San Diego, CA, Fl, Miami.. er.. think that’s the lot!

                  More than most Americans!!!!

        • I’ve seen several haters comments that they don’t think Jodi and Travis actually ever had sex. These are the kind of people who vote for M1. In my opinion they should not be allowed on juries. Perhaps there should be an IQ test. Baby Doc could get the contract.

      • maria,
        simple…his head full shit…he can’t thinks of anything cool to say, so he thinks really hard and shit out this “taking care business statement”. He’ll prob. yet back a 100 replies Yo man cool..taking care business

        • I bet he’s one of those guys who uses all of these words and can somehow make them into a sentence. Bro, Man, “No, no, no, no, yeah”, Dude (I’m a big dude user), Man cave I can’t think of more. Here’s a sentence. “No, no, no, no, yeah bro I was hanging in my man cave and man I was like dude.”

        • The gun thing…well they are all big gun toting, rooting-tooting, outdoormen, cool guy wannabees. None of them would survive 2 days in a real man’s outdoors wilderness.

          • LMAO, isn’t that the truth . . big bawanas .. whatta joke. They’ve never done an honest days work either . . bet the only blister they ever had was breaking in new shoes.

    • I think he used taking care of business, like I’m doing something cool. Some people if they’re doing something that they think they’re doing good or cool they’ll be like I’m taking care of business. I like it when people say it, but not him. I say it sometimes when I’m doing nothing important. Like I’ll be playing on the computer and someone will be like what are you doing and I’m like taking care of business so I use it sarcastic like I’m not doing anything. I haven’t used it in forever.

      Did you ever hear the song Taking care of business? I love it. It’s old, I like classic rock.

      • lol Danielle…I tell my dog to “do your business” when I send her outside to …do her business…I wish she would “take care of business” after she is done DOING her business though…it’s not a pleasant job 😉

      • No,I havent.I am listening to it now.
        So ”taking care of business” pretty much means ‘having fun’.Oh boy,he really knows how to get under my skin…

        • It’s a good song though LOL. Don’t let that douche ruin music. I love love love music and I can’t stand when a person ruins a song for me! There’s a song a guy said will always remind him of this one night and I used to love that song and him and now I love neither. But he ruined the song for me!

    • I could never follow him on twitter. I made the mistake of looking him up once and I got really mad. Like the kind of mad that sticks in your head for a while. So I didn’t do that again.

      I also don’t like his keeping it real. I don’t like that saying keeping it real. Bc usually when someone says it they aren’t keeping it real.

      He thinks he is just so cool.

      Oooooo I have to stop talking about him and do something positive bc I’m getting annoyed.

      • I would never follow him! No way! He’s a creep.I saw the pic posted on a FB group and went to check it myself.

          • Danielle, I was banned! With a bit of help from a friend I got my page back… yes, told me because I gave my opinion about morons, well, Mormons, they were banning me for 12 hours.. 10 days later and I’m still banned for 12 hours..

            • Oh that is ridiculous but they can put out death threats an such on FB?
              I did not know FB was that strict now but I haven’t been there in a long
              time either.

              I went to a page someone said a young girl was being harassed an could
              not believe the horrible things people were saying on it. An the young lady
              was just a really big girl maybe mentally challenged but had over 2000
              likes it was a wall. An she would make these videos of her singing an
              people were really saying things I would never dream of saying to someone.
              But she was not overly sensitive at all an come back an bashed them all
              an a few of her friends did also but the hate still continued it just made me
              sick. I do not know what is wrong with people.

  28. Oh my GOSH JM this song is awesome. I love it an Jodi an YOU JM.
    An much LOVE to all on this site who show love an support for Jodi.
    This song made me cry so much today. I get so depressed some days
    knowing Jodi is there alone but I hope an pray she knows we are here
    we care. We love her. ♥

  29. JM Thank you so much for your inspiring song, your talent, your sincerity. I could not help but think of a song that is dear to my heart by the Avett Brothers.

    “Head Full Of Doubt / Road Full Of Promise”

    There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light
    In the fine print they tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
    And it comes in black and it comes in white
    And I’m frightened by those that don’t see it.

  30. JM – you’ve got to write those lyrics down and send them to Jodi!! I really think you should disable the comments on youtube. It’s a beautiful song, you have a great voice and you made this video w good intentions and a good heart, it doesn’t need any negative comments!!!!!!! People are going to be negative bc of how they feel about the trial and not about your song. So it’s not even worth letting them make comments bc they don’t even matter.

    • I agree Danielle, the very last things we want are any negative comments on youtube, yes disable them Frank.

  31. Frank! That song was so lovely it brought me to tears, it was so from your heart and you have a good voice, Jodi will love it!

    JM! What a fantastic 32 ways to love her, she’ll love that too!

    Well done to both of you!

    • Hey cindy. No he didn’t say. If i remember correctly, it WAS brought up, Martinez objected, they went to a sidebar and then it was NEVERC brought up again. So, no! Another subject that SHOULDVE been brought up and talked about! !!!

    • well he lied or attempted to cover his butt starting out with claiming no porn but then tripped and fell, giving date and time of one site toward the end of his testimony that jm did burp all over . .Unless a completely different hard drive or he checked the wrong laptop, the rest of the porn was in it. He’s stupid to think people like us just take his word for it because he has a title . . pfffft. 8 yr old kids can dig a hard drive and tell what time, what site, how long any thing done on a computer is stored forever. Good question cindy and whoohoo Maria coming up with the name. Add another state dork to the “failed” side. We need a chart lol

  32. I know we need to be classier than the other side but I gotta have somewhere to blow off steam about the absurdity of things. And IMO, part of that ludicrousness lies with this thug/Christian family of which I’ve never seen the likes of. ‘Oh, we loved our brother, that we hadn’t seen in a coon’s age, so much that we think this girl he mistreated so badly must die. And, by the way, we need funding for our hate.’ And I will comment on the loathsomeness of JM, the nutcase/prosecutor until I am banned. I just can’t help myself.

  33. Dear Team Jodi:

    Thank you all so much for the kind, sweet and beautiful comments to the song, video and post. I composed it late last night, music and lyrics, and I actually was toying with the idea of re-recording it. And I took some of your advice earlier today when I disabled the comments. I only read a couple of them this morning, but did not bother to read the other ones from this afternoon. Was someone mocking me for contacting the police last week when I felt that my friend was in danger? Very sad if true.

    I just sit back and smile today when I read your comments and see how positive and uplifting the mood is here compared with the zombies on the other side who do nothing but hate and try to intimidate those with whom they disagree. We rarely, if ever, see this type of behavior from Jodi Arias supporters. I wrote this song for Jodi and I’m not asking for any money from it. Not a freakin’ cent. I did it because I love and support Jodi as we all do and I’m more interested in making somebody smile than making somebody cry.

    • I think its great that you took the time to do this. Not my skill set.

      I’m a good writer and will have some time on my hands after July 5th when I retire if there is something I can do. Perhaps add me to the task force list.

      BTW my jury duty has been changed to July 31. Would love to sneer at fuckhead Juan.

      • Shoot…I’m disappointed.I SO wanted you to be on that Jury.I really thought it would come true 🙁
        Congratulations on your retirement,Jeff! Any mixed feelings?Some people dont like getting retired others cant wait to!
        In any case,after July 5th you can help Jodi even more and that’s always a good thing,right?

        • Hey, no telling when they’ll actually pull that jury together.

          I will be surprised if it happens this year, frankly.

            • Oh, I don’t really KNOW anything about when this is going to happen, Maria. Maybe they’re actually on track to pull it off.

              I just doubt it.

              The sluggish court system isn’t just an AZ thing, unfortunately. It’s a US thing.

            • Maria, It’s because the people in charge of things have so much sit backed up inside them that their brains—-like those of the prosecutorial team—including the “judge,” the jury, and the Assexanders—-have turned into one big-ass turd bouncing around inside their pointy, little, heads….that’s why!! 🙂

        • I’m looking forward to it Maria. But it isn’t without apprehension. After all I’ve been working or going to school for 50 years! Time to blaze a new trail.

    • JM, we all know your intentions for writing this song are pure. An ode to Jodi.
      It is a kind gesture that we all admire. Keep on writing and posting on youtube. You have our support.

    • I believe that venting on this page about the major players is essential. While I recognize that the Alexander family lost a brother, and understand grief, whether it is real or only drama, that does not give them license to behave inappropriately in a court of law. Neither does it give them the right to discredit and terrorize a witness in the evening hours. It does not give them the right to use their “grief” to extort money . Nor does it give them the right to use their brother’s friends to speak for them night after night on television. It does not give them the right to use social media to frighten witnesses.They ran a primitive and I suspect illegal campaign to win Ms. Arias’s guilt. Unfortunately it was effective. Hopefully they have made mistakes that they will eventually be held accountable for.

      • Rebecca their mistakes are using up air that real human beings could use…….all of them need to crawl back into the blob of shit that spawned them! They didn’t loose a brother–they gained a way to run a scam—– and with one of the ass-wipes being on the force I would say that more than a few blow-jobs were given to get such a load of shit to be called “evidence” put forth as truth!!! Hell Skeletor (Tanisha) probably gave that little rat-faced fucker Guano a hummer each day before the trial so he wouldn’t say anything about the cocaine in her purse that she kept rubbing on her rotted gums!!!!!!!

  34. I’d love to introduce Guano to my cousins two pitbulls—-Jaws and Razor!!!!! Can we all say Scooby- Snack!!!!! 🙂

  35. While I am in the mood for venting as I just did up thread, the death of the Alexander’s brother also did not give them the right to use the grounds of the Maricopa County Courthouse as a backdrop for their Attorney to announce to the world, that they will be filing a wrongful death suit against Ms.Arias, ten minutes following the first degree verdict, and prior to the sentencing procedure.

      • Onetime and Duke——I don’t know why so many see nothing wrong with the whole mess.
        They have to be missing some critical neurons.

          • You got that——-Jane Velquez gets them excited by her screaming and yelling “Bomshell Tonight.” Nancy Grace says that too.

        • Rebbeca64
          that’s why I joined this site- I really felt like I was losing my mind watching the trial and then hln- like an alternate universe or something. So ridiculous. Glad I found like-minded people.

          • ZoeI felt angry and alone throughout. I stumbled on to this site when I was looking up something about the trial. I about had a heart attack from relief when I came on and read. I have a fellow physician friend who believes in her innocence ,and my husband but that is not enough.

            • I’m hoping the DT uses the info we and other sites have found. I think there are alot more people than we know that think Jodi did not get a fair trial.

              • I would suspect that the defense does read this site. They sure knew what was going on in the media during the trial Zoe.

              • There is a lot more people that do think the trial was very unfair. I live in Maricopa Co. ( Phoenix ) and I cant believe it. I have talked to other people here and they think the same thing. No matter what, Jodi did NOT get a fair trial here.

    • I sure wish Jodi and her DT had a competent judge like Belvin Perry instead of who? He would not put up with that eyeball rolling constant watch the camera fiasco, have mercy.. Is it not to harbor all that hatred?

    • Rebecca 64, typo…..Is it not bad to harbor all that hatred? Go to get off this tractor and watch what I type…

  36. Frank, Great job on the song. Also I loved your list. Sadly it’s difficult to read the list without feeling anger towards Travis. Many of the things she might not get to experience are his fault for being the abuser he was and in my opinion, being the cause of all this grief.

  37. One way this judicial f#ck up has changed my entire routine is I don’t watch as much TV. I got tired of trying to avoid clips of commentators whose eyes were glistening with the anticipation of Jodi’s death. I haven’t watched HLN in ages except for the 1 night in which NG was so dazed and confused over why the jury didn’t concur with her sick need to kill. She was tow up from the floor up! So now I watch commercial-less fare like Netflix or boxed sets of DVD’s. Just started Game of Thrones which, by the way, although filled with murderous filthy barbarians they are so much more civilized than Nance and her cohorts.

    • SJ, JC, MB…can I change my post name from “onetime” to “onetimeagain”? I don’t want to take away from your “onetime” website section….

      • I watched the first episode of dexter because everyone liked it. I didn’t really care for dexter all that much all in that episode. Maybe one has to keep watching to end up liking it?

        • Well, I guess it depends on what you like to watch but it’s been on for at least 6 years. every year is different with new twists. I like the show because Dexter is a flawed serial killer that only kills “bad guys” but he is also funny. The rest of the characters are very good. My 76 yo mom actually told me about it as it’s one of her favorite shows!
          American Horror Story is also a fantastic show with Jessica Lange. Last season’s” Asylum ” was excellent.

    • Gwen——–Now that the trial is over, and additionally finding this site I do not watch HLN at all. It has been to the benefit of my mental health. I was becoming so angry and sullen I couldn’t stand myself.

      • I don’t watch anymore either but had to during the trial since it was my only means to see it. Had I continued I would be zoned out on tranquilizer meds today. lol I don’t even watch Robin in the mornings anymore and I do miss her but hey it’s a sacrifice I made for my peace of mind.

        • Hi (((((((((Gwen))))))))
          My husband likes Robin and he watching her program. Once in awhile, I’d walk threw the room (ya know…kind of like the DUI juror said he would do) and I would hear her say snarling stuff about Jodi or the defense’s case. So I added her show to my boycott list. I’ll show her…next time she has a song contest I have Frank to mail in his Dear Jodi song!

          • Evening (((((((Ann))))))) I never heard her say anything totally off the chain about Jodi but she did read the bulletins they passed onto her and went along with the whole charade so I have lost respect. That would be awesome to mail in Frank’s great song! Do it do it!!! lol I will watch that day.

            • Your right I’ll cut her a little slack, I think she was reading bulletin. The one day I caught her was after the M1 verdict came down and it was more of the way she read it and her tone that ticked me off.
              Have you hear back from MB about helping? I want to do something to help but I have so little time to devote right now. This is my business season at work. I think a project would help us not to feel so useless while we are waiting. Janeen said, yesterday Jodi was getting alot of mail.

  38. JC
    thanks for the get back…
    I have changed my post name to “onetimeagain” from “onetime”.. got the chores done


      • Journee
        I did a control+f on the homepage and in linux I got a search on the blog content and by mistake I misunderstood the results on my own blog statements….my bad

              • yes she does…I have enjoyed your comments since I have jumped on board Team Jodi…everybody is so open and honest..seems like a family…yes there have been some disagreements but that is normal..other than the trolls

                • I have been posting here for a couple of months and I like it much better than ‘out there’.

                  There is maybe a little extra tension now. Post conviction, no verdict, no new ‘news’ to discuss, no way to know how to move forward with everything hanging in limbo. Sometimes reminds me of a couple of dogs barking out the window but they can’t get to the mail man so they snark at each other.

                  But it’s a great bunch of people here. You’ll like it.

                  I do wish AA would come back.

                • Lucy is a little terrorist with a cute face and a curly little piggy tail.

                  But I love her anyway.

            • I have some sorta news. My neighbor was over and she told me that Dr. Drew and his Dream Team, ha ha, have determined that Jodi was not Verbally Abused. Sorry about their ignorance, they should look up the medical definition of the term. The ignorance continues.

              • This from the shit-wad that claimed he was a victim of DV—right—-Doc Spew was probably was probably caught with his head up Varmint Politranny’s ass and either Jawbone Vermin Mishmash or Nanny Goatface caught him and told him they would punish him if he didn’t service them and that overgrown fuck-head Monkey Butt-fuck too!!

                • BTW, Monkey Mutt-fuck is in reference to talking head and pro pros … Mike Brooks—–who looks like an Uncle Fester reject!!!

          • Journee–I posted before that my dog’s name is Lucy too. Didn’t know if you saw it. I could squeeze your Lucy’s sweet cheeks.
            Do you live near Lk Cumberland?
            I have a relative that has place on Barkley.

            I’ve seen several come and go. People get busy and drop off for awhile then they’ll show back up.

            • Journee

              I live in lexington, ky. lake cumberland is south of us. lake barkely is in western ky

              been on this site a couple of days…yes we do get busy…still keep Jodi and you all in mind

  39. It was pointed out to me the other day that there is an anti-Jodi Arias website that is smearing and attacking me as well as others on this website. Also, they are taking personal photographs of people without their permission and posting them on their website. I know that they read this website. I tried to contact the owner of this website via email, but, not surprisingly, there is no email address provided to contact him. I’d just like to point out that what they are doing is not only wrong, but it is illegal and if I were them, I would put a stop to it immediately. This is not a threat of violence because that is not how I am and I do not condone threatening anyone with violence. But they still would be wise to cease and desist such actions and stop using their website to smear and impersonate people.

    Earlier today, some of them were childishly taking shots at my song/video for Jodi. Some of them made mention that I sounded like I was “singing in a cave”. It’s not singing in a cave, dumbass. It’s called echo or reverb. Personally, I like the effect and, apparently, so did most people. The fact that you don’t, well, to each his or her own. I didn’t write the song for you. Although I’m sure that if I used the same instrumentation and effects to write a song for Saint Travis that you all would have been singing my praises for the next year. The fact is that you people hate Jodi Arias and anyone who supports her. If you wanted to have a debate on this topic where we could all argue about the specifics of the case and even get into some intense conversations, that would have been nice. However, you choosing to attack me personally and go so far as to impersonate me on your website to smear me, what does that say about YOU? Living in a basement? Hardly. I live in a very nice house that I helped maintain and raise the value of since buying it over 10 years ago.

    I’m not the one worshipping a dead Mormon who couldn’t stop fucking with a woman that he claimed to be a “psycho” and “the worst thing that ever happened to him”. Really? Then why the hell did Travis keep coming back to her? You and I both know that Travis was a douche bag and I hope the son of a bitch rots in hell for what he did. And the way things are going, you all will be joining him.

    Oh, and one more thing: the name “Frank Queen” is a combination of the names of two TV detectives, Frank Columbo and Ellery Queen. Nice try, smartass.

    • I would also like to point out that if anyone here has ever made any threats against an anti-Jodi Arias person or a group of people, that is wrong, too. I don’t like them, but I honest to God don’t wish any harm on these people. They are going to wind up doing more damage to themselves than any of us could ever do to them.

      But one thing I do not see happening here is users impersonating others and taking someone’s personal photographs without their permission. That is not only wrong, but it is illegal, not to mention just plain stupid.

      Their behavior and the lengths that they are going to show me that they are scared to death. They know that the cracks have already started to appear and that they are being guided under false pretenses. The fact is that Travis Alexander was not a good man. He was a douche bag and, either way you slice it (no pun intended), if Jodi was so evil then he fucked up inviting her over and if she wasn’t, then why make her out to be this evil woman? I personally wish that Travis was alive. I NEVER wanted Travis to die. And, I think that I have said this at least a dozen times…initially, I was supportive of the prosecution. But things weren’t adding up and I had to go outside of HLN to do research and that was when I found out what was really happening with this trial.

      If I ever said or did anything that was considered to be offensive to Travis’s family, I apologize. I don’t like the man, but if I ever went beyond the limits of taste, I am sorry. But I’m not going to apologize for calling him a douche bag because any guy that fantasizes about a 12-year old girl having an orgasm or repeatedly calling women that he’s slept with “whores” and “three-hole wonders” IS a douche bag. You don’t have to like it. You just have to accept it.

      • I should clarify that when I say “offensive”, I mean offensive as in beyond the limits of taste, which I don’t believe I have done or most people here have done. The people here are overwhelmingly a positive group of individuals who spend time trying to help someone receive justice and provide assistance to domestic violence survivors. If only the same could be said for the so-called “religious” people on the other side. Moreover, Travis was about as genuine a Mormon as Chris Gaines was a genuine an artistic genius.

        • JM,
          Where you prepared for the negative response you recieve by posting this on Youtube? I said last night you were a brave man. I figured shit would hit the fan!

          • Ann,

            I knew what negative response I would get from them. I don’t care. Because when all is said and done, Jodi will be free, we will be victorious and they and their pathetic website will be obsolete.

            • All is good, as long as you were prepared and you don’t care. This is going to be long drawn out process. Pace yourself for a marathon. Unless a miracle happens, we are going to be here for years before we see the appeal process work. Did you see my post below that there was a Motion to Continue / Penalty Phase file today. I can’t determine which side filed the motion or it was filed by normal court processing of a case. I’m pretty good at finding things…just can’t make head or tails of a what I find. My knowledge of the AZ law is weak. My state doesn’t have the DP, nor can the juror ask question, so it hard to follow some of wacky thing that goes on in AZ.

  40. Alligence, loyalty and perseverance, if for no other reasons than these Jodi has these traits in spades. All souls have worth. .

  41. Wow, if there was ever a message to anyone who might go against the scripted story, it’s the CHughes tweet photo of him at the gun range, “Takin’ care of business.” His first time, he says.

  42. Frank Queen, I love the 33 reasons, but your song is really weak, sorry. Love the sentiment but as a song it falls short. I hear something akin to ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ to deliver the goods.
    Appreciate your effort Frank.

  43. Love the lyrics and tune to the song you composed, Frank. It takes a certain mood to be passionately sound and in touch. Great work!

  44. Hey guys and gals just want to let everyone know that I want be posting for a few days due to a family emergency; however, I shall continue to voice my support of JODI loud and clear even while away for a few days. But like AHNOLD said in the Terminator…… I’LL BE BACK!!!!!

  45. I just checked in to the Maricopa County court dockett to see anything new had been filed today. It’s showing a Motion to Continue in the Penalty Phase was filed today.

  46. I interrupt your regularly schedule program for this public service announcement:

    As most of you can remember; haters, moles, fence sitters, and closet Travistown pedo-huggers have ALWAYS come to this site to shame anyone for speaking their mind or thinking critically about the media or Travis’ behavior. They have said stuff like:

    “Travis is dead! You’re a bad person for saying anything negative about him!”

    “This site would be better if people only talked about XYZ, and STFU about everything else.”

    “If you say anything bad about anything or anyone, then you’re just like the haters.”

    “This site is losing it’s focus. OMG it’s going down the drain because the admins aren’t doing what *I* want them to do.”

    “Don’t talk bad about the family, or Travis, or XYZ. That will drive away supporters.”

    To which I call: BULLCHYT.

    Jodi is getting bags of fan mail, and our site is as popular as ever BECAUSE we do not submit to the emotional extortion and silencing tactics of the Travis Taliban. People are drawn to us because we are BOLD enough to say YES WE SUPPORT JODI AND WE ARE PROUD AND WE ARE NOT ASHAMED OF HER.

    We are also bold enough to say, WE ARE HUMANS, NOT ROBOTS AND WE GET PISSED TOO SOMETIMES.

    No person should ever feel like they have to apologize for speaking negatively about Travis or his family. Why? BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE TRIED TO KILL JODI AT SOME POINT, that’s why. Travis tried to murder Jodi and his family and supporters are collectively trying to finish the job via state sanctioned death penalty. Got something to say about them? I won’t stop you, because it is UNCONSCIONABLE to me that people would collude with the state government and the media to put a battered abused woman to death because she defended herself against her abuser.

    Not only that – they have done everything humanly possible to set domestic violence back from before even Alyce LaViolette started her work.

    Now, if you truly feel bad about venting about the Alexanders, then that’s your call and I won’t stop you from apologizing either. But my point is NOBODY should have to feel guilted, or shamed into apologizing for speaking the truth about that rabble of ne’er do wells. Keep in mind: this case has brought abuser out of the woodwork who know how to make abuse victims feel guilty for existing, never mind having a spine enough to express an opinion. They know that abuse victims post at this site, so they are using the same tactics to shut us up, to make us feel guilty for not identifying with Travis or any other abuser.

    Like I said, they have done this since I first started posting, so don’t be fooled.

    Onto other things:

    Nobody is obligated to like what other posters write, so unless they are being anti-Jodi or trying to stir shit just scroll through it if it annoys you. That’s what I do. When someone is huffing and puffing to the point where I can’t understand WTF they are trying to say, I just run right through it. TL;DR. (Too Long; Didn’t Read) I don’t agree with every comment made on this board, but I’d rather focus on what I have in common with others rather than what I don’t agree on.

    To those who say we lose focus of what this site is about: OH PLEASE. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. I’m not even going to anacronyze that, it’s such a load of steaming horseshit and I’m tired of hearing it. It’s disrespectful to the collective efforts this group has done, and continues to do, to support Jodi.

    Plus, there’s a TON of things you can be doing RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW to support Jodi. It just requires you to put aside your self importance and personal opinion long enough to work with others to actually DO SOMETHING about this shitty verdict.

    If you don’t want to join task force, that’s cool – start a project of your own. Collect a list of politicians or public figures to write to. Research AZ law and go through trial videos to make a case against Juan’s bullshit. I don’t know, do something, ANYTHING but sit and worry what other posters are saying or if they are venting. Just do your thing dammit, and don’t worry about the rest.

    Just a side note, I’m sorry for some caps here and there but I really need to get my point across. I am trying to be as clear and firm as possible that I have never, nor will I, put up with the tactics and emotional extortion that has been used against us in an attempt to silence Jodi supporters.

    Thank you for reading, now back to your regularly scheduled program. 🙂

    • MB
      You scared the hell out me…I read that first line and thought something big had broke in the case!
      I agree with everything you said. I will adopt this as my motto:
      “I’d rather focus on what I have in common with others rather than what I don’t agree on”.
      Thank you

      • Oh gosh I’m sorry!

        My worry right now is that I come off too harsh or cross… that was not my intention.

        You can bet if something broke in the case, I wouldn’t hold back on that either!! lol

            • I ♥ you, MB!!!!!!!

              Let me just say that I don’t give a rat’s ass if venting about the pro-pros side makes us “no better” that the Travisites. Life isn’t always about unicorns shitting rainbows. People get pissed off. Jodi has been dealt a rotten hand and NO ONE should feel guilty about saying so.

              • I agree Kira! Do they honestly expect people to NOT be outraged at this travesty of justice? We’re watching a modern day witch hunt, and we’re supposed to do what? Grab some popcorn?

                And that’s just it – NOTHING from our side, has EVER matched the level the haters have taken it to. Like ever. Even collectively, on our worst day, we could not begin to balance out the damage they did. I still contend if people want to complain, they need to take down every nasty thing ever said about Jodi, her family, her friends, her supporters, Alyce LaViolette, Dr Samuels, ect and so forth. Then maybe I’ll entertain the idea that this is a fair fight, because it is not. Forty thousand people ganging up against a battered woman and her two public defenders, how can it be?

                I had a LOL at your unicorns pooping rainbows. It reminded me of a .gif I saw of a unicorn puking a rainbow!! lol

                I ♥ you too 🙂

                • Great posts Kira and MB. ♥ I found this site as a refuge from the witch hunt that was going on and was so pleased to find so many people who realized this trial was a farce and had an opportunity to come here and vent about the travesty of justice that was occuring in AZ.

                  I know I can’t bite my tongue when it comes to those $ grubbing fame whores Chris & Botox Hughes and the harassment of ALV was CRIMINAL!

                  So I’m so appreciative that I have this board to come to and vent with many like minded Jodi supporters.

    • MB said:

      “Keep in mind: this case has brought abusers out of the woodwork who know how to make abuse victims feel guilty for existing, never mind having a spine enough to express an opinion. They know that abuse victims post at this site, so they are using the same tactics to shut us up, to make us feel guilty for not identifying with Travis or any other abuser.”

      This bears repeating. It’s important to remember this: they are coming out of the woodwork.

      The worst of the worst–those who are in their element when they are abusing, bullying, mocking, shaming, threatening–do not even deserve the category “pro-prosecution.” It’s too dignified; they are not pro-anything, except for their compulsion to hurt others, which apparently temporarily assuages their emptiness. “Pro-prosecution” is simply a cover. And their usual, everyday cover is this “woodwork”–the apt metaphor being that dirty and destructive insects, like cockroaches and other vermin, hide in the woodwork of a house until it’s safe to come out and wreak havoc.

      Well, the abusers know it’s safe to come out. They are everywhere, and any blog or other social media site that discusses this case is teeming with them. They are reinforcing and supporting one another, offering the fruits of their twisted psychology while they can do so with impunity. Together, they are identifying with and normalizing Travis and his ilk, in order to normalize themselves.

      They are on a high, because, right now, their fix is in large supply. They NEED people to harass and to try to hurt; it’s their raison d’etre. So, what better place to focus their energies, as MB pointed out, than somewhere where known abuse victims post? 

      At some point–I hope–they will all scuttle back into the darkness to hide. Because, THEY are the ones, ultimately, that fear, or should fear, exposure. That fear, which belongs fully to them, is being projected onto the people who post here.

      • Oh good post Pique!

        Yes, they are normalizing themselves aren’t they? That’s the point all along wasn’t it? To make sure they can keep getting away with their disgusting behavior, and that abuse victims should go back to deferring to their abusers “the way it should be” in their eyes.

        Plus I think it’s easier to come HERE and tell US what they think we are doing wrong, than it is to buck up against 40,000 rabid, mindless haters with no conscience or clue how much damage they are doing.

        How BRAVE are they, that they sound off to .0001% of the Internet? 🙄

        • Yes, MB, this is such a small group. And, yet, apparently such a threat.

          It’s just like Jodi Arias herself: one, single woman who killed her boyfriend is such a threat to civilization itself; one woman–who is behind bars, no less– is force to be reckoned with. Remember that Google search you did for “woman stabbed to death” and how you got a zillion hits? So, no, it’s NOT murder they are primarily concerned with, because the lamentable fact is that intimate partner violence is as common as dirt.

          But, no, none of those statistics matter. Jodi, and those who identify with her situation for whatever reason, and/or those who are concerned with what this case exposes about the justice system and trial-by-media, must be relentlessly targeted by fear- and death-mongers and abusers. It’s like a miniature Red Scare–the fear of communism–for crying out loud! And, it’s just as ideological.

          They come out of the woodwork because their beloved status quo seems to have been shaken. By ONE woman. It’s not even about her personally, of course, though their intense focus on her, every time she wipes a tear from her chin, would have us think so. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again that Jodi and Travis are nothing more than a gift that fell right into their laps. Jodi/Travis confirm their suspicion and fears, reinforce their version of the world as good vs evil, and give them permission to air their violent misogyny because the climate is so uncritical receptive to it right now.

    • MB, I want to say thanks cause sometimes I need to vent bigtime. The matter of the fact is that we are venting in our ‘house’. We do not go over to the haters and do it.
      Venting, angry remarks, pissed off tellings are normal human reactions to the unjustice that has been brought to Jodi inside and outside the courtroom. It is our frustration that we write about.

  47. And on a positive note… I really liked this video and list JM!

    Jodi is a kind, gentle, loving soul that has so much to offer. <3

    Your song brought tears to my eyes, it is very touching!

  48. I’ve been doing some research – Ok, a BUNCH of research, and I was struck and totally blown away by 3 interesting facts:

    1. Approximately 90% of women in jail for killing a man were physically abused before they killed him.

    2. Abused women who kill in self defense are convicted at the same rate as other people on trial for murder. This really galls me. I guess, according to some juries, more than likely predominately male juries, if your a woman you have no right to defend yourself.

    3. The average sentence for women who kill their partners is 15 years – for men, it’s just 2-6 years. What the f*@k is that?!! I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around this one.

    Some of you here may already know these statistics, but I will admit they are new to me. These facts, among many others I’ve learned of in my research make me wonder – Is this indicative of the fact that MEN make up a majority of our legislators and policy makers? I’m beginning to think so.

    Juror 18 has said that he’s absolutely sure that Travis verbally and mentally abused Jodi. Ok, so if that’s the case why is it so hard to believe that the bastard physically abused her as well. I’ve read countless reports where experts have said that verbal and psychological abuse is usually what occurs first and is just a precursor to the inevitable physical abuse – in most cases I should add. I know there are some of you here who have been in an abusive relationship. Please respond if you would and tell me – is this correct? Are the experts right on this? If so, my question would be, why the hell aren’t we, as a society, taking this more seriously??? Where are the laws to protect people from this kind of behavior?

    • Wow no I did not know all that. I had heard before men usually got less
      time though but never could find where to confirm that at.

      I hope woman will listen to Jodi though an document things like she said
      especially in Religions where the men are so dominant over women.

      Both relationships I had that were bad when I did call the cops in Iowa it
      was the 80’s they said they had to be there during the fight not after.

      In Alabama the cops said one of us had to leave for the night. But I did not
      press charges either. I just wanted to go to sleep. I got out of those relationships
      though before it got really bad I was having bad thoughts an knew someone
      was going to get hurt or die if I stayed. Now a days I heard in Alabama both
      people are taken in to the jail if you call them? I don’t think that is right either
      but my husband told me that not long ago he had a friend get in a bad
      argument with his gf an they took them both in. WTH

    • Excellent post Jeff, I agree with every point and every point explains exactly why this trial is an exercise of institutional abuse of power.

      Yes, you are correct that physical abuse often accompanies, or is precipitated by psychological abuse of some kind.

      Women make up only 19% of American legislative power, collectively in office.

      Did you know, that according to the United Nations, no country has achieved full gender equality? And the United States has never been in the top ten either:

      Also, there is a link between the security of women and that of nation-states. So violence against women is not only not good for women or the children they raise, but it’s not good for us collectively. And – other nations that have problems with violence against women often spill their aggression into neighboring nations: (click ACCESS PAPER if you want to read their findings)

      I agree Jeff, we need to take this very seriously. Human society as a whole does not benefit from the problem of abuse, and these issues do not stay behind the doors of private couples or even in the boundaries of nations. It’s a problem that affects us all. It isn’t good for the health and well being of anyone, especially women and children that are at the brunt of it all, and is self perpetuating in a cycle that requires the collective of our society to push back against. There are laws that are supposed to protect victims of abuse, but often women are not taken seriously until something terrible happens. The most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship is when she is trying to leave, and that is exactly when Travis attacked Jodi too, when she was moving on and getting back to her old self.

  49. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between ages 15 and 44 in the united States – more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. (Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1991)

    That’s scary too! These are older numbers but it’s still scary.

  50. The F.B.I. estimates that only 10% of domestic assaults are reported.

    Take that Juan Martinez!! Even the FBI says DV is not often reported.

      • Not to sound stupid but if you’ve ever seen a Lifetime movie you know why most women don’t call the cops. I’m not saying Lifetime movies are real life, but even I knew that. Especially women who are w men who are “important”.

        Again, I’m not saying all Lifetime movies are great or like real life, but they did do some really good DV movies that not only made me cry but scared the crap out of me. I can’t even imagine getting hit by a man (or woman, or at all). I saw my Mom deal w the mental and emotional abuse and it just creeps in slowly like a virus and does a ton of damage before you recognize somethings wrong. She thought it was her. I was a teenager but I was always like it’s him not you. She was always like well, I can try to do this better.

        I know this is long but one thing he did to her was tell her she did nothing all day and she was lazy and to do something w her life. So my Mom thinking he knew all, started college and ended up loving it. So when he saw she was happy and enjoying her classes and making friends he said you don’t have anytime for me anymore bc of your stupid classes. She was so hurt she didn’t know what to do. But she had me and Mommom. She stayed w classes and has 2 degrees. She graduated college when I graduated HS, same year. By that time he was gone and Mom and my relationship was repaired. He actually tried to use us against each other. I told my Mom she’s lucky she raised such a stubborn bitch LOL. Plus I had my Mommom and my Uncle Dominic on my side. Mom is strong. But she never realized it was abuse until Jodi. So Jodi has helped my Mom and me too.

        • Ugh… Lifetime… I do not watch them anymore! They used to put out some kind of decent flicks, not great but not bad either; now they’ve capitalized on HLN’s haterade and are tapping into that market. They produced that horrible movie about Casey Anthony, and I mean it was BAD all around. Not only was it based on Ashton’s book, none of the characters really looked like or captured the personalities I remember from the trial. It was just poorly put together, and I don’t think they felt they needed to invest any time or energy into it because the hate would drive the viewers. Sadly they were right. I’m betting the Jodi Arias movie is exactly the same way, it was a rush job and won’t be worth a damn.

          But aside from that…

          I agree, it should be common knowledge that not all assaults are reported. Not just the domestic violence ones, but any one of them really. There are people who get into bar fights and don’t press charges against each other. So how are we to make the leap that every woman’s first instinct is to pick up the phone and get the cops involved if she’s just been slapped in an argument? Really?

          It’s kind of like how everyone points out “Jodi lied to police!” Well of course, that’s what scared people do right? People have lied for a lot less, so how is it we’re supposed to believe Jodi would start spilling her guts about killing her ex boyfriend in self defense?

          • Yeah I hate their “Ripped from the headlines” movies. I like some of them bc they have the actors and actresses that aren’t on TV anymore that I liked. I didn’t watch the Casey Anthony one. I knew I wouldn’t like it. I am curious about the movie they made about this case. But I don’t want to get all pissed off. So I might DVR it and take a chance and probably delete it after 5 minutes. I think it’s just going to piss me off and get me all mad.

            I’d be scared to death. I’ve lied when I’m scared. I’ve even made up stories. Some were good and some were so bad I got caught. I lied mostly to my Mom and security at college LOL LOL. Either I was really good at getting past security when I was totally drunk in college or they just knew every under aged person was drunk and since I was just stumbling home w my friends they let us go. But I was always the one nominated to speak for the group. I look younger than I am and I’m told I look innocent LOL.

            • I thought they did pretty good with the Susan Wright story, although I thought they could find another title besides “Blue eyed butcher.” I thought they did well showing what she went through, then again, there wasn’t public outrage to silence her experiences like there is with Jodi. I don’t know if I could watch the Jodi Arias movie, I can’t watch HLN without getting upset so I think I’ll pass. lol

        • She started matching her opinions w his too. She agreed w him on almost everything. It was so frustrating. She only got rid of him after my Uncle Dominic died. Bc my Uncle is my Mom’s little brother and he was like a father to me bc I grew up wo one. This bastard was so cold he told her to get over it and she was done w him.

          Don’t know why I felt the need to share all that LOL. Sorry it was so long.

          • No problem, don’t apologize! In fact I think your comments show the insidious nature of abuse and how it can affect people. Abuse doesn’t happen as just a set of isolated incidents that can be separated and sanitized to mean nothing; no like you said it creeps like a virus or a frog in a slowly boiling pot of water.

        • Danielle,
          The story of your Mom and you is truly a story with a “happily ever after” ending. I feel so moved by this. I am glad, your Mom, as you put it “raised such a stubborn bitch”…In my opinion, YOU, my lovely, are a HERO and your mother should be proud of you AND of herself for coming out of that situation in a positive way. Your “stubbornness” could be innate…your mother certainly could have succumbed to the verbal abuse/attempted manipulation and given up herself for that man rather than holding fast to her ideals. There is SO much to be said for a support system. Without you and those behind you this may not have ended so “happily ever after”.
          Thank you for sharing this with us.
          I don’t know why I am crying…but you’ve brought me to tears. Perhaps they are tears of happiness that sometimes things don’t have to turn out badly. Perhaps they are tears of sorrow for those, like Jodi, who do not have that support system and things don’t end “happily ever after”.

          After reading the statistics that Jeff, MB and you discussed above, I am beside myself. This trial, especially Alyce LaViolette’s testimony and learning how long and to what measures she has advocated for victims of partner abuse/violence and feeling that by now those statistics SHOULDN’T be like that any more…it all breaks my heart. Witnessing and being attacked by TA supporters myself…the amount of hatred and vile, abusive behavior that has been exposed as a result of such a tragedy (Jodi’s fight for her life) concerns and baffles me. If people had opened their ears and REALLY listened to everything that was presented by the defense, it could have been the door, the opportunity, the voice that calls attention to the serious blight that partner/domestic violence is in our society.

          • Thank you for your kind words. We are very lucky he is out of our lives! My Mom is one tough cookie. She is really an awesome lady.